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 I was born in Istanbul to an artist family. My father, mother, my grandfather also my mother’s grandfather were all artists. I studied painting at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul between 1982 and 1987. While realizing the costumes and stage settings for an amateur theater group, I started working in Metin Deniz atelier in 1987. Here I received training on practiced stage settings and costumes, sculpture, and art direction. Then I went on to work professionally in these fields.


I was involved in the establishment and activity planning of the 1st Istanbul Biennial in 1989.


I moved from Istanbul to Bodrum where I began tutoring and organizing workshops for children and adults in 1990.


In 1994 I went to Germany to make costumes for the Karlsruhe Museum. Since 1999 I have held many solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Bodrum, and the USA. I also participated in many group exhibitions. My two solo exhibitions in the USA were: in International Visions at the Gallery, Washington DC, in 2002, and in The Gallery at The Marmara, Manhattan in 2006. In 2006, I initiated the founding of a contemporary art group by the name” The Flying University” in Bodrum. I worked as a gallery director in 2007.

(The artist is listed in the database of “Artprice” also listed in the database RKD Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis (Netherlands Institute of Arthistory ) .Before I have known as Somnur Kurt

While I continue my artistic activities, I also deal with alternative therapies, healthy living, nutritional medicine, art therapy, and yoga philosophy. I started to work in personal development group practices and workshops in Istanbul in 2002 and in Bodrum. In 2002, I began to work in art therapy, in which I have been interested since 1985. I was working in art and at the same time, she was interested in alternative therapies, yoga philosophy, how to live without illness, and art therapy. I participated in workshops about that.  I worked on art therapy at her personal atelier in Bodrum between 2004- 2010.


Since 1994 I have been writing articles for various publications. 

In 2018, I started working online on life guidance, spiritual guidance, and guided meditations.  You can still find relevant studies, meditations, and affirmations on the “MysiaLuna Light Sages” channel. Unfortunately, all of them are in Turkish.

 Recently, I started working on digital graphics, as digital art studies have become an area of interest, and it is exciting to progress in this field.


in 1982-87  Istanbul -Mimar Sinan University , Faculty of Fine Arts, Dincer Erimez Atelier

1987-96  Decor & Costume for amateur theaters; training and professional work in
                      Metin Deniz Atelier (stage decor & costume, art direction, sculpture)

1990       Painting lessons and workshops for children and adults

1994       Costume design for Karlsruhe Museum, Germany

1994       Writing magazine articles about art, alternative therapies, personal
              developments, and animals in the following newspapers: Yarımada, Bodrum
              Postası, İskele Meydanı, Artist Modern, Womag Art, Bodrum Life.

1997-98    Wall paintings

1999        Paintings for Gallery Artist, Istanbul

2000       Hadigari Gallery, Bodrum, solo exhibition

2001        Halicarnassos Gallery, Bodrum, group exhibition

2001        Mask Gallery, Bodrum, solo exhibition

2001        Gallery Artist, Istanbul, solo exhibition

2002        International Visions, the Gallery, Washington D.C., U.S.A., solo exhibition

2002        Yaghane Gallery, Bodrum, solo exhibition

2003        Dam Art Gallery, Bilkent University, Ankara, group exhibition

2003        Atelier Orumcek, Istanbul, solo exhibition

2003        Atelier Orumcek, Istanbul, group exhibition

2003        Yedi Defne, Bodrum, group exhibition

2003        Gallery Artist, Istanbul, group exhibition

2003        Epsilon Art Gallery, Bodrum, group exhibition

2003        Eklisia, Bodrum, group exhibition

2003        Atatürk Cultural Center, Istanbul, solo exhibition

2003        Gallery Artist, Istanbul, solo exhibition

2003        Jazz Bar, Ciragan Palace, Istanbul, solo exhibition

2004        Gallery Artist-Defne, Bodrum, solo exhibition

2005        Works with ‘Flying University’ art group

2005        Halicarnassos Gallery, Bodrum, group exhibition

2005        The Marmara, Antalya, solo exhibition

2005        Art Therapy courses Bodrum

2006        ‘Flying University’-‘Exhibition Shop’ contemporary art activity, Bodrum

2006        Antiocha Contemporary Art Meeting, Antiocha 

2006        The Gallery at The Marmara Manhattan, N Y, U.S.A , solo exhibition

2007        Aldimo Art Gallery, Bodrum and Izmir , Gallery Director

2007        U.P.S.D. Contemporary art exhibition, Istanbul, group exhibition

2007        Art Ist, Istanbul, group exhibition

2008        Gallery Artist Cukurcuma, solo exhibition

2010         Gallery Idart  Bodrum, group exhibition   

2014         She is a member of

2014         Nurol Gallery Bodrum, solo exhibition 

2014         Sheli Art Project Istanbul, group exhibition  

2015         NowArtFair, Eindhoven, Holland. 18-19 April, group exhibition

2015-2019 Worked with some European galleries and auctions

2018         Started working online on life guidance, spiritual guidance, and guided meditations.


2020        Establishment of the company named MysiaLuna 


                You can follow MysiaLuna Işık Bilgeleri (MysiaLuna Light Sages) on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Page (It is only Turkish) 


 Living and working in home atelier in Oosterbeek- Holland

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