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They Wrote My Name, Exhibition Shop, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bodrum

   They Wrote My Name 

It is an installation that took place within the scope of the "Exhibition Shop” Contemporary Art Event of the Flying University art group. In the two-part installation, on a 1.60 m canvas mounted on the wall, "they wrote my name" is written in fluent writing but in a form that can be read from the mirror. Opposite him stands an old mirror of a cabinet door hanging from the ceiling with ropes. The mirror stops not parallel, giving an angle of 60 degrees. The viewer first encounters the writing on the canvas, then turns to the mirror and sees himself first, then reads the text. "They wrote my name". In the mirror, the viewer perceives the writing integrated with him. On both sides of the canvas and mirror there is a red spot that comes more or less to the level of the heart. While these points provide focus on the work, at the same time it takes on an integrative task of the work.  Anyone who stands in front of the mirror to read the text is caught between two red dots.

The subject of mirrors is a very deep one. While the mirror represents eternity, reflection is a true deceiver. Who or what is the image we see in the mirror on the other side? What appears is a reflection that comes to us from the depth of another world. Every human being is given his name when he is born, and behind this name is hidden his whole life and is a reflection from eternity. Every person's name is written when they are born, and behind this name is hidden the life of the team and is a reflection from eternity.  

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